How to use AirTV on Nvidia Shield?

In this guide, you will learn to install AirTV IPTV on Nvidia Shield TV. The guide also provides a brief guide to installing Android TV boxes, Smart Android TVS, Android phones and tablets.

airtv iptv on nvidia shield

AirTV is a popular IPTV service that gives you access to more than 1,300 live satellite channels and 3,000 of the latest & hottest movies and TV shows. It's one of Shield TV's most cost-effective IPTV services, starting at $19.99 per month and allowing you to use it on one device. It also comes with a 32.99 per month premium plan that includes features like 7-day Catch-up and Cloud PVR, each with a 3-day free trial.

The IPTV service has its own Android app. Since it's a third-party service, you won't find it in the Google Play Store.

This guide will walk you through the process of manually installing AirTV APK on Nvidia Shield Boxes and other devices using side-mounted technology.


AirTV IPTV has many channels, including sports channels and multi-country channels. Most of these channels are in English, but there are also German, Greek, Italian, French and so on.


Most channels offer 14-day TV guides and can switch between three EPG styles, such as Normal EPG, Grid EPG and Classic EPG.

How to install AirTV IPTV on Nvidia Shield

This process will be divided into two parts, as follows:

Part 1: Subscribe to AirTV IPTV service

In this process, you'll need to choose a paid subscription plan or sign up for an account on the AirTV IPTV website to get a free 3-day trial.
Access the AirTV IPTV subscription page on your computer or mobile phone.
Select the plan you want to purchase and click GET Now.
Here's what you want to know about the program.
1-There are three IPTV packages: AirTV Standard, AirTV Extra, and Family Package.
2-There are four types of plans: 1,3,6 and 12-month IPTV subscriptions.
3-The content of all planned channels will be the same.
4-There are more than 1,300 live TV channels and 3,000 VOD movies.
After clicking the Subscribe button, you can use your credit card to pay for the following orders.
Note: AirTV IPTV currently accepts Visa, mastercard payment, if you need Western Union or other more payment methods, please contact customer service email.
After each transaction is successful, the order information and IPTV activation code will be sent through the site's automatic delivery system and will be processed within three minutes.
If you haven’t received the email, make sure you check the spam folder of your email. Also, mark the emails from AirTV IPTV as ‘not spam’ to avoid missing any future emails.
That's how you subscribe to AirTV IPTV.

Part 2: Install AirTV APK on Nvidia Shield TV

AirTV IPTV is a third-party service and cannot be obtained through the Google Play Store. So, we're going to side-mount it on the FireStick. Please follow the following steps:
1-Go to Google Play and select the search option in the upper right corner.
2- Search Downloader using the on-screen keyboard.
Install the Downloader App on your device.
3-Now goto Setting>Device preferences>Security & restrictions.
4-Go to "Unknown sources" & allow "downloader app"
5-Now Disallow "verify apps" option.
6- Open the Downloader App.
When the application is used for the first time, it triggers some pop-up Windows. Close the pop-up window you encounter and select the appropriate options to guide you to the application's home screen.
Click the textbox on the right where it has http://
7- Now use the on-screen keyboard to enter the following path in this text box.
AirTV Extra
Click Go when you're done.
For Nvidia Shield K1 use the following link
AirTV Extra
Click Go when you're done.
8- We now need to wait until the Downloader application downloads AirTV APK on your device.
This may take a few minutes.
9- You will see a window asking you to install, go ahead and select the Install button.
10- Wait again! Wait for your Nvidia Shield to install the AirTV APP.
You can launch the application by selecting the Open option.
Great! You have successfully installed AirTV IPTV to Shield TV.

How to install AirTV IPTV on Android TV Box, Smart Android TV and Android phone

You can download and install AirTV IPTV on Android devices in 3 ways:
Best Method: Use a Downloader App.

Method 1: Use the Downloader App.

The Downloader is available on all Android devices and you can download the Downloader application by accessing XXX from any browser or using the Google Play Store. Android TV Boxes and Android Smart TVS support the Google Play Store. This works with Android TV devices with a true TV OS (Mi Box, Nvidia Shield, Firestick and most Android Smart TVS).
Here are the installation steps:
1-Open the Downloader Application and enter the following URL
AirTV Extra
2-After downloading AirTV APK, click the Install button in the prompt that appears.
3-Waiting for installation to complete.
4-Open the app, click Setting and enter the IPTV activation code.
If you do not already have an IPTV activation code, please select an IPTV subscription here

Method 2: Use a browser to download the file.


You can access the AirTV IPTV website from any browser on your Android device, then log into your account and download and install AirTV APK.
Here are the installation steps:
1- Open your browser and enter the following URL:
2- Log in to your AirTV IPTV account, (Normal client need login, then can download. The reason we just want the client who intersted, After Login then Download).
3- After downloading, go to the file manager and find the downloaded APK file to install.
4- Wait until the installation is complete.
5- Open the app, click Setting and enter the IPTV activation code.
Select an IPTV subscription here and you will receive an IPTV activation code immediately.

Method 3: Install using a USB Stick.

If you find the above two methods particularly troublesome, you can download and install this IPTV app via USB.
1- Access the AirTV IPTV website from your PC and log in to your account.
2- Then go to the Download page to download the AirTV Apk file.
3- Copy and paste AirTV Apk files to USB.
4-Now insert the USB stick into your Android Smart TV or Android TV Box USB port.
5-Go to File Explorer and Go into a local disk, click Download - AirTV Apk File.
6- Wait until the installation is complete.
7- Open the app, click Setting and enter the IPTV activation code.
Subscribe here to an IPTV package that works for you and get an IPTV activation code.


AirTV IPTV is amazing right now. Stable servers and a strong team of engineers have made the IPTV service popular with many users, and now you can get a free 3-day trial before you subscribe to the AirTV IPTV service, so subscribe to an IPTV plan for your Nvidia Shield device now and enjoy high-quality sports streaming content.


Q: Paid, Where to find subscription code?

A:Login, MY ACCOUNT-My Orders-View Order-SKU/IPTV CODE Or Check mail/spam box, code is also sent automatically. Or contact us by email.

Q:Why the code wrong not work?

A: Pls fill in the correct code. Or check whether install correct apk, there are two version: Normal (Blue)&Plus (Red).

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